hair removal care advice

It is normal for the skin to appear red for several hours after treatment. It can take the skin 24-48 hours to settle down after threading or waxing and it should be treated gently during this time. For best results after the treatment, please follow this advice for the first 48 hours:  

  • Avoid hot showers/baths

  • Avoid applying perfumed products to the area

  • Apply after wax lotion, witch hazel or aloe vera to soothe the area.

  • Avoid applying make up, tanning products or perfumed products on the area. 

  • Avoid sunbathing or heat treatments including sunbeds, saunas and steam rooms.

  • Avoid swimming and excessive exercise.

  • Do not touch the area.

  • Avoid AHA products, exfoliating products, glycolic peels or chemical peels in the area.

  • Occasionally small spots may appear on areas that have had hair removal. This is a histamine response in the body and can be treated by a pharmacist.

  • After 48 hours use an exfoliating product to help prevent ingrowing hairs.