What are Henna Brows?

It's a brow hair colouring method which lasts longer than tint but isn't as permanent as cosmetic tattooing. No lead, no ammonia and no oxidants. This treatment is completely vegan.

What look is achieved?

This is the perfect treatment for those who want more of a glamorous "filled in" brow look.

What colours are available?

With 8 colours to choose from (which can be mixed), there is a colour for everyone.


How long do they last?

The henna can last up to 28 days on the brow hair and between 3 & 10 days on your skin (depending on your skin type). I can create an ombré style, build the brow and stain the skin to fill those annoying gaps. It can even be used over existing permanent make up!


What's the cost?

Each treatment of Henna Brows is £30 and includes a full reshape.

Ready to book?

Due to the high volume of work I am regretfully unable to accept new clients for this treatment just yet.


“Laura is a lovely person and amazing at what she does!”

—Melissa, Swaffham