PMU Lightening/Removal

Woman on macro eyebrow treatment, puttin

      **EMERGENCY REMOVAL** - Can be done within 48 hours of your session please text 07834376812


How is it done?

Using a revolutionary saline based, non-laser method. It is one of the safest, most effective permanent make up lightening and removal products on the market. Effective on new or old permanent make up.

What can be done?

A significant lightening or full removal of unwanted colours remaining in the skin from previous work.  Or perhaps the shape needs correcting? Or the existing colour is too dark and/or over saturated with pigment and so it needs lightening?

How many sessions will it take?

Between 2 and 5 sessions with the sessions being 8-12 weeks apart.

Will it fade completely?

Often, if the treatment sessions are continued, then it can fade completely. However, there are different factors involved such as skin type, location, colour, amount of ink, scarring or tissue change, and layering. 

What's the aftercare?

Please click here for the aftercare.

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